Home Sweet Home

Where exactly is my home? I have always struggled with this question. I was born in one place (Long Beach, CA) and raised in two others (Glendale, AZ & Modesto, CA). I went to college in another (San Luis Obispo, CA) and lived and bought a home in another (Pasadena, CA) for the three years before I moved to Scotland. Which of these places is my home? I seem to consistently call home two places: 1. Where my parents live 2. Where I currently live. For the past week, I have been visiting one of my homes, Modesto, CA. It has been a good time. It has been a week full of great American things…family, friends, fast food, shopping, cars and more.

Before this trip, I had forgotten how truly great America is. It is probably because everything has been taken away from me. When it was here, I really didn’t care. I used to avoid fast food; now I want as much of it as I can get because it soon will be gone. This is the same with many other things. America is just so great! Who doesn’t love driving around in a car blasting the stereo? Going thru any number of fast food restaurants? All the big box retailers? Oh, there is just so much that America offers that I have yet to find in Scotland.

Scotland is a good place, just much different than America. Since I was raised here, I just know what to expect around every corner. When I first moved to Scotland, it was more exciting not knowing what to expect. Now that excitement has worn off…at “home” I know exactly where to find things! But, leaving this time is not nearly as hard as the last. It was just a visit, not my life. That helps. I will be returning to a house with my own possessions, a job with people I know and a few friends. Scotland isn’t that bad, just not my original home.

Below are some pictures from my time at home. Enjoy!

Ian & Riley on the way home from the airport.

Tanner playing with his new Christmas present.

Tanner & Jeremy before he (Tanner, that is) melt down.

Clive in his cool new sunglasses!

Riley in her new coat. The hood even has fur on it!

Riley in front of the Christmas tree.

My mom at the place she sells antiques.


  1. Hey so I totally understand the wanting fast food thing. When I was in Spain whenever I found McDonalds I would get excited. And I love the picture of my Dad in the sunglasses! Well, Welcome home that is your scotland home and it was really good hanging out with you. :-)

  2. Totally diggin' the puffy pink parka Riley's sportin! :D Gosh it was great seeing you that week!


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