An Evening in Edinburgh

Ever wonder what there is to do in Edinburgh? Well, there isn't much, but here are some photos of my evening out last night...

Ian came to say hi to me and my friend Josie while we were hanging out at Starbucks...a different one than we work at though.

Josie and I went on a "bike ride". It was one of those rides where someone peddles you around. It was a girl biker; I was impressed!

This is Josie and I on the ride...

Then we got crepes from some stand on the side of the road. We ate them on a park bench...I thought you might be wondering!

Ian met up with us later. By that point, Josie and I had gone to the store and I decided to buy Ian flowers. Aren't I nice?!?

Well there you have it...a night in Edinburgh. Everything closes here by 6pm and there isn't much to do. Josie and I managed to wonder around almost the whole city, no exaggeration, and entertain ourselves. Quite the night!


  1. Ian should sleep with one eye opened (pic # 1)

  2. That sounds like fun! And I love Crepes!!!!!!!!

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