The Crazy American

Since I have been here, many a time have I been referred to as "the crazy American". What's up with that?!?

Why would people call me that?

There are a few reasons, I think...
1. I got everyone at work to make "dinosaur" sounds to relieve stress
2. Everyone thinks I am happy all the time...I have been questioned about this many times
3. I boss people around at work
4. I make fun of Texans...for some reason everyone here seems to have a connection with Texas...very strange!
4. I get into whipped cream wars with people at work
5. I enjoy "hoovering" (vacuuming) due to the face they put on the vacuums over here...this was even brought up in my work's holiday meeting

Why do I care?

1. Because why does me being an American matter so much?
This is really it...Never in my life has my nationality (or as I like to refer to it, my race) matter so much. it is constantly pointed out. People always have something to say about it. Be it something about my "accent", about politics, their vacation to the states or some bad experience they have had with someone from the states before. It is just intriguing to me how much people point out that I am American.

On a side note, I really don't care about being called crazy...this has happened many a time before. It is the fact that people call me "the crazy American" that gets to me. People of America, please know, I don't want to let all of you down...I don't want the people of Scotland to think everyone in America is crazy; just me!


  1. Thanks Jess.... now everyone that ever encounters you will think that every American is just like you. So we will all be called "the crazy Americans".... and the people of Scotland will say to the next American they meet. "you know this one time i met this American named... well we just called her "the crazy American"" :) Its okay we will still love you even if you ruined all of our reputations.

  2. Well done Jess. No one else deserves the Crazy American title quite like you do. Next time I head to the UK I'll just introduce myself and The Crazy American's Friend b/c your fame is sure to spread!


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