3 Months

People, your little Jessica has made it three whole months in Scotland! Okay, well technically one week of that I was back in the states, but who's counting? Going back home made me see all that I am missing, but as soon as I got back, I was happy to be back. Who can't get excited about a whole Christmas village set up in the middle of town, complete with an ice skating rink? If you can't, you have problems! There isn't much to do in this small-stored, early-closing town of Edinburgh. So, me and my American friend Josie spend time wondering the streets posing for pictures, making each other laugh...hence the picture accompanying this post. Don't worry, I am not drinking away my liver here in the home of whiskey! My great American friend/coworker Josie is headed back to the states on Tuesday. I am bummed about this. Oh well. Back to my update.

For the whole month of November and December, I have the privilege of wearing bright red shirts with the saying "Pass the Cheer" to work every day. Being the spirited person that I am, I try hard to pass the cheer. Josie and I bought a cupcake for this customer at the 'bucks one night. She was so excited about it that she hugged us both. Now that is some good customer service! In an effort to not drink too many empty calories, I have now limited myself to one free drink a day at work. Look at me, practicing self control! I am known as being bossy around work. This is really nothing new for those of you that know me! Poor, poor people that work with me!

Ian and I have set up a nice little routine/life for ourselves over here. We joined a super nice gym and go to it often. They have some great new machines that I have never seen before. If any of you come visit me, I will take you there to work out...just what you wanted to do on vacation! We have learned to make more frequent visits to the grocery store. This helps the arms by not having to lug as much home each time we go to the store. It still is a weird concept though. We have adapted our eating habits to the food that is readily available here. Here are some of the things we eat frequently over here, that I must say weren't in our diets in large portions before - baked beans, tuna, sweet corn, bell pepper, egg noodles and pourrage bars (kind of like granola bars, but made with pourrage). I still miss not having a Target-type store over here. It makes finding those odd and end things one needs for living difficult to find. But, I remedied that a bit by stocking up while I was home! Since I have been spending so much time on public transportation, I have been tearing thru books. I love reading! I love being challenged to think and really having something to mull over.

Well folks, I think that is it for now. I hope each of you had an enjoyable November. Just remember, Christmas is coming...who can't be excited about that?!?


  1. Well I'm glad to hear that you have mad it 3 months (minus one week)! :) Enjoy wearing your lovely "Pass the Cheer" shirts!

  2. That is some GREAT customer service! Sure you made her day. :) The Chistmas Village sounds divine...just the thing this season calls for! If all goes according to plan, we'll be ice skating there with you this time next year! ;)

  3. OOPS! That last one was from ME! :D Ha!


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