America, Are you Informed?

Over here in the UK, the States makes the news daily. It can be for many a reason - war in Iraq, murders, pollution, a diamond found in get the picture. But there is one thing as Americans that I think we are not well informed of. That is the stance our country takes on polluting the world and not caring about it. Most of the countries in the world are working hard to reduce their pollution, but not America. As time goes on, the gas guzzling SUVs are getting worse gas mileage (which doesn't make sense because technology is getting better), people are commuting farther to work, the public transportation seems to be getting worse and not better and gas prices seem ridiculously high to you, yet they are rather low compared to much of the world. Many countries already have laws that keep the cars on their roads from being gas-guzzling polluters. The closest we have come to this is California has stricter laws than the rest of the states. But, this is nowhere near we need to be. Until we pay $7.50 a gallon for gas and get in our vehicle that gets at least 40 mpg (and even at that, take the bus most places), we don't even realize how most of the other first world nations are living. Get informed America! And reduce your pollution!

Here is a small article to keep you informed:

Sky News article about the Climate Summit


  1. VIVA AL GORE! So does this mean Ian has to sell his fun car for a Hybrid? Because anything made in the eighties is totally fuel efficient.

  2. Yes and I Love America and My Truck and I know you do too!!!! :)

  3. Thanks for this post! I agree. I am lucky enough to live in a city where I can take public transportation, but really I wish I could do more!


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