stop it...stop it...STOP IT!

So I'm on the bus on my way to work this morning (at 8am and it's still dark outside...what's up with that?) and this guy behind be keeps sniffing. Not little sniffs, but the kind where he is totally sucking his flem back into his system. And, he's doing it about every 30-60 seconds. Needless to say, it was driving me crazy. Then, I started visualizing the fact that his nasty flem was going back into his system. I considered moving. But then I thought people would think I was weirder than they already think I am (no one wants to be the weird girl that moves around on the bus!) I considered handing him a kleenex. But, I didn't have a clean one on me and I figured he wouldn't appreciate the dirty one in my pocket (I keep it with me for comfort, in case you were wondering why I was carrying a dirty kleenex). Then, I considered punching him. I figured if I hit him hard enough, he would get knocked out and no longer sniff. Right about this time, he got off the bus. I'm thinking it's a good thing!

Moral of the story: keep clean kleenex with you everywhere you go...and don't annoy Jessica!

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  1. Well im glad you have such a great moral to your story. :)


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