What a Day?!?

So, today started out like any other Saturday...got up, got ready, then went to work. But let me tell you, there was nothing usual about today. First a kid threw up all over in the middle of the cafe at work. I was assigned the privilege of cleaning it up. Armed with gloves up to my elbows and a bunch of sanitizer, I moved in. Once I got good and close (to pick up the napkins the mom covered it with), I got a nice whiff of the vomit and began to dry heave and cry (well, my eyes watered). On a side note,my reaction to the vomit makes me question my mothering skills...not that I am claiming to have any. But, back to the story...eventually I got it all cleaned up, removed the "effected" furniture from the cafe and got back to work. A little bit later, one of my coworkers exclaims "it's snowing!" I was way too excited about this. I kept leaving "my post" to stare at the snow outside. It actually stuck for a while. But, then it started to rain and became a slushy mess. I was so excited about the snow that I offered to bring in the outdoor furniture just so I could be out in it...and so I could wear the oh-so-cool Starbucks fleece! Anyway, that is my crazy day for you. It isn't over yet, so who knows what more will happen.


  1. Glad you were able to experience some snow, but sorry about having puke up to your elbows.

    No worries there is this weird thing that happens between a mom & her kid... I am not @ all phased by puke or poops. Jonas can clear a room & I am in the middle of his mess with a smile on my face completely unaware of any stench, it attests to God's mercy & grace.

  2. Well the story of your day made me laugh!!!!! Sorry but I was laughing at your expense. I hope you had fun in the snow. :)


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