For Your Enjoyment...Or Displeasure

So, I'm at work today when I am approached by a customer. "Your toilet is clogged." I think to myself..."Greatness. This person couldn't have waited until they got home to drop a big one, but had to do it here and now it is my problem." I say back, "Thanks for letting me know. I will go check it out." And check it out I do. I found a toilet filled to the brim with nastiness. After one very quick look, I locked the door behind me and hung up an out of order sign. But, being the supervisor that I am, I know I have to deal with it. So, what do I do? I phone maintenance! And, here's how that went...

Ring, Ring, Ring
Maintenance Woman (MW): Hello
Me: Hi. My toilet is clogged and I was wondering if you could send someone to fix it.
MW: Have you tried plunging it? (Now a side note for you...plungers here have handles that are about 12 inches long...I don't get why they aren't longer.)
Me: Well...the toilet is filled with nastiness (yes, I really did say "nastiness") and I am not putting my hands near that!
MW: Ummmm...okay....(seriously, the longest pause in the world. I think she was trying to figure out if I was joking or not.) I will send someone out to unclog it.
Me: Thanks!

Oh the joys of being able to phone maintenance!

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  1. Well, it sure sounds like you had fun today at work!!! :) At least you didn't have to clean it up.


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