The Longest Day

So today was officially the longest day of the year. At 11:15pm, the sun could still be seen on the horizon...craziness, I know! But, with the Grimbleby's in town, we definitely lived the day to its fullest potential. There was plenty of site seeing, bus rides and long walks to use up the light of day. It's always a challenge when people are visiting (like we have had so many visitors here before! But, I speak from experience as to other places we have lived as well) to figure out how to show them what your life is like, but to be considerate as to what they want to do as well. Which makes me think, what is the true Edinburgh life? Is it the experience I live everyday or the experience the tourists get when they come here and see all the tourist attractions? People experience both and both go walking away with different experiences and ideas about the city I call home. Anyway, hopefully Ian and I were able to give his family a little bit of both - the traditional bus tour, a Boots meal deal eaten in the park, a castle visit, sitting in Starbucks eating cupcakes, fish and chips and plenty of walking. Here are a few pictures from our day:

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