The Sunset

Yesterday was a very nice day in Edinburgh, so Ian and I decided that we would go up a hill (that sounds like it should be part of a joke) and watch the sun set. Unfortunately, when it was time for the sun to set, it was overcast and fairly cold outside. So, we watched the clouds. Not quite what we had hoped for, but it was fun to be out non-the-less. There was plenty of people and wildlife watching to be had on top of this hill, so it was definitely entertaining. Toward the end of the cloud watching, some of our friends joined us on the hill. Then we all embarked on another adventure and went to the movies. Fun times in Edinburgh!


  1. Nice sunset... well at least what I can see of it. So I think Deborah (Dad's cousin) would call that the big sky.
    It looks like fun!

  2. Well at least you got to go for a walk. . . I had to spend all day at home alone, inside I might add. . . but not to worry, I have totally worn everyone in the house out by making them play keep away with me for hours.


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