I Forgot My Cell Phone

Yesterday, I was on my way to work when suddenly I realized, I FORGOT MY CELL PHONE! Immediately every insecurity I ever had went thru my head...

I am sure I am going to be late to work...
What if something bad happens today and no one can get a hold of me?
What if Ian can't get a hold of me and thinks something happened to me?
What if something happens to me?

What did people do 15 years ago, before everyone at their grandmother had cell phones? Life must have been so much easier! Actually living in the moment, without wondering what would happen if someone couldn't get a hold of you at a moments notice! All my insecurities turned out to be just that, insecurities. I arrived to work and discovered I was 20 minutes early...nothing bad happened to me or anyone else...and no one really needed to get a hold of me! As for Ian, this really is the funny one here...I don't actually know his cell phone number, or our house phone number for that matter. But, I was able to look up his number in my employee file as my "emergency contact", let him know I didn't have my cell phone and the crisis was averted.

If only every problem in life could be solved as easily as forgetting my cell phone!

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  1. I know handful of people over here who don't have, nor want a cell phone. Some of these people are in their 20's and work in IT. I enjoy giving them a hard time, especially when the borrow mine to make a call. I was blown away when I met people our age, who didn't have a cellphone. It's become a piece of me.


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