A Life Without Internet...

...is not a life worth living.

Okay, so maybe I am being a little dramatic. But, I am stuck here at home (in my first week of maternity leave, non-the-less) without internet. It won't be up and running until Monday. The past three days have been among the longest in my life! In case you are wondering how I am posting this blog, it's thanks to Ian's work internt. Anyway, back to my internet saga. Honestly, I would rather have the internet than tv or even the phone (of course I only say this because I can cheat and use the internet to call people and Ian and I really aren't hooked on any tv shows). Since I live by absolutely non of you, the internet is my lifeline for keeping in touch with people. I even told my mom today that I have a "modern" relationship with my brothers...facebook! I say that half joking. I love those men to death, and wish I lived closer to them, but honestly, that is how we communicate. Then there is the internet being my source for all things news. It's hard being out of the loop for 5 minutes, let alone 3 days! What if something crazy happened and I wasn't among the first to know?!? Then there is the inability to spend my days researching all things baby and figuring out what waterproof mattress pad really is the best for my bundle of joy.

I never meant for the internet to consume my life, but it has. It wasn't like this back in the states, but I am pretty sure the addiction has grown so large now, it will never go away. Anything I want to know, day or night, at my fingertips, it's like a dream. And only 3 more days until this "dream" is back up and running in the comfort of my own home...hopefully I can make it.


  1. You should be comforted to know that you are just like your grandmother!

  2. You are normally the first one to know the news.... like when you told me that there was an earthquake in SLO and I didn't even know about it because I slept through it! haha Well give me a call if you would like me to look something up for you on the internet.

  3. So glad that your back. Love the pics of you, Ian, and Baby G. Dont listen to Dads comments, your not like her...... I havent had an email box full of forwards from you yet! Love you sis.
    ps. Its about tattoo time again, I think Justin Hunts going to tattoo me soon

  4. Jer, thanks for sticking up for me! As for the tattoo, I am thinking something along the lines of "Uncle Jer" or perhaps waiting a couple weeks and getting my baby's name tattooed on you!


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