Maternity Leave

The time has is my first official day of maternity leave! Actually, if you want to get technical, I am on vacation this week (gotta use up all my vacation time for the year!) and begin my maternity leave next week. But either way, I am getting paid to sit at home...yeah! I have waited for this time. Time to put my feet up, keep the feet swelling to a minimum and get ready for baby. Here are my plans for the next few weeks before baby arrives:

1. Apply for my driver's license, study and take (well, and pass) the theory (written) test. Just so you know, all you have to do is send away for your drivers license and without having passed any test, you can drive as long as another licensed driver is in the car...I think this is funny.

2. Finish our 2008 photo album. I started working on one of those books you have printed, but never finished it. I really need to get this done before the baby comes, and 2009 ends!

3. Write a book...yeah you read this correctly, I have plans!

4. Prepare for baby! This is the most fun part. I want to paint the room, decorate and just get everything ready for baby. So excited about this! Once the room is done, I will post pictures.


  1. Wow! Enjoy the time to get is great. I don't know about that license stuff...seems odd. See you soon Clive

  2. Hi Jess! So glad you can finally stay home and get the nest ready for the baby! Keep writing these great blogs! Dad


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