Mind over Matter

The mind is an interesting tool. It has the ability to bring up an event and relive it, the emotions and all, all with just a thought, a picture, a smell. There is something about that which is so great. It can take you back to almost any memory and put a smile on your face.

Today I googled my old address to make sure I was spelling the street name correctly...it's an odd one, Lakens Harbor, so I needed to check. When I googled it, it gave me the option to view the street view. As soon as I clicked on the photo, tons of memories went flooding back to me. I spent six years of my life on that street...six important years (from 14 to 19 years old). I did a lot of growing up, making mistakes, making good friends and crying on that street. Some of my best high school memories were with people who once lived on that street. I remember sitting on top of Becky's roof with her and Karen, having late night chats with Karen on the sidewalk, sneaking into bed with Josh during a thunderstorm, then claiming it was him who was scared. When we lived there, people from my family's past used to visit more...I wasn't addicted to the internet, or the tv for that matter (though the tv still isn't a big deal for me). My dad's office Christmas parties always ended at that house. Jenny (our lab) spent her last years at that house.

It was amazing, sitting here, staring at a picture, a plain picture, of a house, having so many memories flood back to me. It is also amazing how I am able to remember almost all the positive memories, and not so many of the negative ones. I can also remember the funny ones (the ones my parents probably find not-so-funny), like breaking the water main with Jeremy, getting yelled at by the neighbors for 4-wheeling through an adjacent lot, Jeremy and the other neighbor boys getting in trouble with the cops, breaking a spindle on the staircase...

I will always have my memories...well at least until I am old and senile. But until that point, all I have to do is look at one plain photo to instantly remember some great stories of my youth. The only thing that saddens me is how many of those people who I was once so close to, I barely talk to. I guess that is how life is...it gets in the way of friendships, if we allow it to...but I will always have my memories.


  1. You forgot to mention your neon bedroom! Oh good old WDO Christmas parties. The house has not changed.

  2. I never knew what happened to break that water main... so tell me the story.


  3. Pictures are a funny thing. Last night I was going through a HUGE box of pics at Josh Meyer's house and came across the kind that give you a knot in your stomach and make you wanna puke. Its funny how fast they can change your mood and the feelings they can bring up. I was thankful to find some that brought back wonderful and fun filled memories as well to end the night with!
    Love you

  4. Dad - Can't exactly remember what happened to the water main...I feel like the hose was stuck on and we were trying to get it off.

    Jer - There are moments in life you DEFINITELY DON'T want caught on camera!

  5. So...when will you start that career as a freelance journalist?...


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