This morning I woke up and was missing a contact lens. Now, I have been wearing contacts for the past 14 years of my life and sleeping in them practically every night (I'm not good at following instructions!) and have never had this happen! I can't find it anywhere either...the dried up little thing has to be around here somewhere.

Today the weather in Aberdeen was beautiful. It was supposed to be the nicest in Scotland. Go figure given that we are on the North Sea and so far north, but I will take what I can get.

While Ian tried to chase down our mailman, without success, I stood in the middle of our street realizing how quaint the street is. And, about the mailman, he keeps not delivering the mail to our house but to the flat above us. This keeps us from getting our packages (presents for baby!) unless I can catch him in the act. This really is annoying.

A girl at the store today asked, "How's your bump?" but I wasn't sure how to respond...Um, it's good...growing rapidly and thinking about making an entrance into this world...

I entered a raffle to win a BMW. Ian is rather certain I am going to win, given that the drawing is on my birthday.

Ian helped me work on the baby's room today. We took off the door a couple days ago. It didn't open very wide (only about 90 degrees) and the room is already small as it is, so we needed all the room we could get. We put a sheet on the bed and hung up a vinyl tree on the wall.


  1. I love the baby's room.. and the baby will really enjoy the new BMW!

  2. What color is the bmw going to be?White?

  3. I love the tree! I'm glad you enjoyed the beautiful day in Aberdeen.... I can't wait to come and visit.

  4. I'm so glad to see pictures of the baby's room! How exciting! It's getting close! Soon there will be a cute baby sleeping in there!

  5. So contemplative...as I pictured you in the middle of that street amongst Ian chasing that mailman! Good man- Ian is!

    Enjoy- which you do well! ;0)


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