Connor's Christmas Eve

How adorable does Connor look all dressed up for Christmas Eve? Seriously. I can't resist his adorableness!

We went to church on Christmas Eve. Connor managed to both fart and belch during quiet times causing giggles from those around us. Then he decided he could no longer handle being quiet and had to leave the service.

Connor also managed to wake up before midnight, but after santa came (how could he come before midnight, I just don't get it?!?) so had a little late night play session with one of his new toys.

Then back to bed so he would be all ready for Christmas.


  1. The 3rd one, where he's looking down at the ornament is adorable! It would make a perfect Christmas card.

  2. Merry Christmas!!! What a fabulous outfit, 2 very cool people must have bought that for him! Hope you guys had a great first Christmas back home, miss u all Naseem xx


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