Missing My Baby

So I am currently in New York City. My aunt and I flew out here to visit my cousin who lives here and his sister flew up from Georgia as well. Connor has been left in the safe hands of Ian.

My aunt and I on the plane to NYC

When I originally talked about going on this trip, I was very excited. Then, when it came time to buy the tickets, I got really apprehensive and nervous. Could I really handle being away from my baby for 7 days? Ian convinced me it would be ok. He is off work, so could take care of Connor. Plus, there was the reality that this is probably the only time in my life (well, for a while anyway) that I could leave my family behind and take a trip. And I am glad I stepped out and did so.

I am having a great time. Sure, every baby I see makes me think of my little tyke. Same for when I catch a glimpse of the baby isle at the grocery store and baby clothes when we are out shopping.

And on Monday night, I woke up freaking out because I couldn't find Connor. I actually woke up my aunt while I was looking for him. SO embarrassing. Once I figured out where I was and what was going on, I was embarrassed that I did that. Oh well.

Ian has been great at sending me pictures of Connor multiple times a day. That has helped. But I have quickly discovered that the bond a mama has with her baby is not easily forgotten. I miss that little guy and will be so excited to see his smiling face on Sunday...and I am only slightly worried he will have forgotten me by then. Slightly.

And here is a little video Ian's friend sent me of Connor eating a napkin yesterday. There are some things I think only a mother could find entertaining!

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