New York City, Part 1

I have been having a blast in New York City. I keep checking the weather and comparing it with Aberdeen and it has been slightly warmer here. Only difference is, we have been spending so much time outside! Here are some pics from my phone of what we have been up to...I forgot my camera cord, so you will have to wait until I am home to see those!

The other night we went and picked up a Christmas tree for my cousin. It was fun to just buy it on the side of the road and then have them wrap it in netting for you (which I saw for the first time in Scotland). After 2 days, we finally got the tree decorated.

My cousin Stephen with his tree

We have been taking the subway everywhere. My aunt and cousin were trying to take a picture of the subway coming into the station. They were hanging their heads out too far. My other cousin Stephen warned them, but they didn't listen. The subway honked its super loud horn at them as it screamed into the station. It scared them. I tried to take a picture of myself as the subway was coming in. It blew my hair everywhere and my smile ended up looking a little paranoid, making the picture all the better!

We went down to the World Trade Center site yesterday. There isn't much to see there anymore. They started work on the buildings at the site (Freedom Towers, I think they are called) and one of the buildings has the structure built for about 20+ stories. They also removed the memorial/information site that was there when I was here 2.5 years ago. My cousin said you can still go see it, but they moved it underground because they want people to focus on the redevelopment, rather than what happened. I am thinking none of us will ever forget what happened.

We went and looked at the firehouse right across the street from the World Trade Center. This firehouse lost its captain and 4 others in 9-11. They have built a beautiful memorial to all the firefighters that died. The saddest/hardest part are the handwritten notes people have left for their loved ones. I read some of them and they are gut wrenching. As we were walking away from the firehouse, we noticed at the small memorial inside the station (where we couldn't go) they have a door from a firetruck that was ruined on 9-11. It really is an emotional and somber place to visit. Eerily quiet when you are down there.

Then last night we headed to the Empire State Building. As soon as we walked in, the lobby reminded me of Elf! I love that movie. I was so glad it was decorated so I could literally see in front of me Buddy the Elf going to visit his dad at work!

We then went up top. It was beautiful up there (and it was perfect weather given that it wasn't windy at all). I had forgotten how much you can see from up there. It is such a beautiful view.

That's all I got. We are getting ready to head out again for more great adventures.

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  1. i'm so proud of you for having the courage you leave your little guy and enjoy such a wonderful opportunity! There is now place like New York for fun and distractions. I'm jealous - it's my favorite city I've ever been to - and I've been to quite a few!


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