Neighborly Animosity, Part 2

Yeah, I wasn't expecting a part 2 either.

There was a knock on my door the other day. Had I realized it was my neighbor, I wouldn't have answered. Alas, I did answer. And my neighbor had another problem. And of course, none of the other people in my building were home. Let me take a minute to tell you that we actually have a front door that opens to the outside and has glass in it, so you can see inside. The other 3 flats in my building share a front door. Thus if someone comes to their front door, they don't have to answer. They also don't have the privilege of having windows on the ground floor. Windows that pesky neighbors walk up to. GRR. I am convinced my fellow building-sharers are just not answering the door for this pesky neighbor. So, once again, I was the next best thing.

Her problem? Now that we don't have a pipe hooked up to our rain gutters, water from the snow covered gutters is dripping down the front of the building. And let me emphasize DRIPPING for you...we are not talking about a waterfall here. And as this water is dripping, some of it is coming over to the front of her house. The problem? Well, if this continues to happen, the water will seep though her walls. WHAT? This is Aberdeen. It rains 3/4 of the year. If water doesn't seep through your walls then, I think you are fine. Whatever though.

About this time, Ian walks out and has the privilege of meeting our neighbor. We are now both trying to explain to her than (1) we don't own our flat (2) we are moving (3) we don't really care. She then explains to us that she likes getting things done by threatening people. No joke. She really said this. As you may recall, last time she threatened to sue.

Anyway, we finally got her to leave. And she has now erected something to keep the water off the front of her house. A sled.

I actually think this is making things worse. Before the water just fell to the ground. Now it bounces off the sled and on to the building. Given that it is still is just dripping, I don't think it really matters. Something about this whole situation makes me happy that I am moving.


  1. Here’s a thought – Next time she comes over, ask her if you can take her picture. Explain you've been chronicling your interactions with her on your Blog and your American friends don’t believe she’s real. Let her know that we’ve ask you to prove that the person making all these psychotic requests of you is an actual person and not a figment of your imagination because we can’t believe anyone would say the kinds of things you claim she’s been saying.

    At this point, I’m sure she’ll threaten you again to which you’ll let her know that was what you were hoping she would do. It will allow you to post the conversation (that you’ve been secretly recording on your phone) on your Blog as well to provide added proof of her existence. Thank her profusely for helping you prove to your friends that you’ve not lost your mind and been making up all these crazy stories and how appreciative you are that she’s helped you regain your credibility with us.

  2. Wow, it'll be nice to have a lot of land and ocean between and the crazy lady.


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