Food...if you can call it that

Yesterday, my parents were heading out of town. My dad grabbed some smacks for them to eat on the road. I saw some beef jerky in his hands and grabbed the pack, wanting some. Immediately I noticed something different. This beef jerky (if you could even call it that) looked like cut up slim jims. Not the most appetizing thing in the world.

Then I turned it over and read the ingredients. The first ingredient was pork heart. No joke. How freaking gross is that?!? The best part was, my dad still wanted to eat them. I said no and grabbed the pack. As I was walking back in the house, my mom yelled out the window, "Give them to your brother. He will eat them." Nice.

And in case you were wondering, apparently someone gave this beef jerky/mystery meat to my parents. Makes me feel a little bit better that they didn't actually buy it.


  1. You are hearing voices. . . I did not say give them to your brother, I think they are gross and wouldn't give them to anyone!

  2. They took the mystery out of the meat by telling you that it was Pork heart! :) It's still gross.


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