Shower Time

When Connor was a newborn, I was lucky if I even took a shower. Many days, I took a shower and got dressed right before Ian got home from work, just so he wouldn't think I was a slob. As I learned and adapted to motherhood, my shower time changed as well...or really, I began to shower again.

My first solution was to move the swing into the bathroom for Connor to chill in while I was showering and getting ready. Then, came the walker. Connor could move around the bathroom, beat on the toilet seat, but not do much else. When we moved from Scotland, the walker went with the movers. Thus came a new, and very exciting time in motherhood...

Toddler freedom in the bathroom.

Connor has free reign of the bathroom when I am in the shower. And even though he knows how to open doors, he has yet to master the lock, so for now he is locked in there with me. Now don't get all worried, there are no cleaning supplies or anything dangerous like that in there. Just toilet paper to unroll, makeup to scatter about, q-tips to play with, you get the picture. Well, just looking at the picture helps you get it!

Now I realize all this could be solved by me getting up a little earlier and showering before Connor wakes up. But, let me be honest here, I love my sleep. And really, it is fun watching Connor explore. Like just this morning, he discovered how to pull out the floss and kept pulling, and pulling, and pulling...

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