Stuff from Scotland

Our stuff finally arrived from Scotland...4 months after it was packed up and sent away. We were told 2-3 months, but I was prepared for the wait this time. When we moved to Scotland, it took 3 months for our stuff to get to us. Because of this, I was prepared for the wait. And anything we had to have, we brought with us or mailed...hence the reason we had 9 bags to check on the way home and 3 boxes we mailed to ourselves. This really was a smart move. It made the wait so much easier. We haven't even opened our boxes yet. We will this weekend. Even at that, we will probably only unpack a few things and keep everything else packed until we move into a place of our own.

A little interesting tid-bit about bringing our stuff back into America. I was oh-so-frightened that we would be smacked with customs charges that could go into the thousands. Plus, we have to pay for boarder patrol to inspect our stuff. And if there is a wait and they have to put it in storage, they charge for the storage! Thankfully for us, our stuff only needed to be x-rayed so we only had to ante up $156. I am SO GLAD our stuff didn't look shady and need to be unpacked as that costs into the thousands! Kind of weird how we have to pay the government to do their job. Oh well.

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  1. don't you feel as though it's like getting new stuff? when our household stuff was packed away for 5 months while we did remodeling it felt new when i opened everything up again. so fun! and so glad you didn't get hit with major fees.


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