A First for Connor

This weekend was a birthday party for my uncle. At it, my aunt did an easter egg hunt for all the kids. This was Connor's first easter egg hunt. He was not interested in holding the easter egg basket at all. So, being the good mom that I am, I held it for him. When we got outside, I had to direct him to all the eggs. As soon as I pointed them out though, he would pick them up.

With the first two, he didn't want to put them in the basket. He just wanted to hold them. I had to semi force him to put them in the basket.

The third egg, he tried shoving inside a bird house...that didn't work.

And, I once again forced it into the basket. After a few eggs, Connor completely lost interest and starting running around the yard.

That is, until all the kids sat on the grass and started opening their eggs. He then wanted to steal other kids eggs. Which, I have to admit was rather entertaining to watch. Watching kids navigate situations like an egg theft is intriguing and funny to me.

Once all the eggs were opened, I was amazed how Connor instantly knew which things were candy and wanted those packages opened. How does he know it is something he wants to eat?!? That smart little boy! He was capped at one little pack of candy...I am such a generous mom!

After this experience, I can't wait for Connor to have another easter egg hunt in a few short weeks.

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