21 Months

Weight: 26.5lbs (my measurements)
Height: 33 inches (my measurements)
Says many words
Makes animal noises
Knows many of his body parts
Foods - rice, corn, bananas, tic-tacs (is that even a food?), cheese
Playing in water
Going on a bike ride in his trailer
Playing with cars
Reading - both by himself & being read to

Since Connor can't really talk much yet, he screams when he wants something. Because of this, we are working hard at teaching him specific words and that he needs to say those words rather than scream. Because if he screams, he doesn't get what he wants! Mama doesn't like the screaming. Though Connor doesn't talk in sentences, here are some of the words he can say (at least the ones I can think of right now) - Mama, Dad, hi, cheese, banana, more, tic-tac (this is what I use to bribe him), one (while holding one little finger up...I kid you not), light, fan. If I ask him to repeat a word, he generally will, but those are the words that are actually in his vocabulary and he knows what they mean.

One of Connor's big things now is answering yes or no (by shaking his head) to questions. He started out with yes and I was excited at the thought of him not being a no kid. Then the no came. And of course, no became his answer of choice. So, I decided to brainwash him a little. I try to mostly ask him questions I know he has to say yes to. Things like "do you want out of your bed?" or "do you want this cookie?" It works. And it makes me happy knowing that Connor really does know the difference between yes and no, as he always seems to answer the questions correctly.

We had to put a lock on our refrigerator because we started having problems with Connor opening the door and helping himself. He pretty much stays clear of the refrigerator and heads straight for the freezer. His snack of choice? Frozen thin mints! Never had one frozen before? They are good. You should try it next year when girl scout cookies are out again.

Shoes used to be Connor's favorite thing. In fact, it stressed him out to not have them on his feet. I kid you not. We went to a friend's house and the friend tried to take Connor's shoes off and Connor freaked out. It was kind of funny. Well, now he has turned a corner and takes his shoes off at every opportunity...in the house, in the car, in his stroller, in a shopping cart. I can usually get him to put his shoes on by telling him he has to have them on if he wants to leave the house. But usually, as soon as we leave the house, he pulls them off. So, these days he goes shoeless a lot. Watch out if you are around him. Those dirty feet seem to get all over clothes and leave pretty little marks!

Reading has become one of Connor's favorite past times. It is cute how he even has his favorite books - Things that Move, Go Dog Go, A Crack in the Track, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I find him a couple times a day sitting in his chair in his room reading books. He also likes being read to. If you let him, he will bring you 10-15 books to read. My favorite is when he hands me a book and says "more". Melts my heart. As I have said before, I love reading and want my kids to have that same love. And it makes me happy that Connor seems to be taking that love on.


  1. Oh Jess, he is beautiful!! and obviously smart like you also.You must be so proud!! It shows in your writing. Love you girl. Miss Ev

  2. Love the update! My baby book stopped after 5 weeks, I believe. And ummm… frozen thin mints?! You're a genius. Is your freezer below the fridge section? It must be if Connor can reach it…

  3. Connor and Xander enjoy the same books ;) Love the update! Is Connor ready to be a big brother?? He is so stinkin cute.

    love you!


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