Awkward/Awesome {two}

I have decided to swipe Rachael's idea (from In Goodly Colors Gloriously Arranged) and introduce an awkward/awesome series on my blog. I am in no way as creative or consistent as she is, but I figure when the mood strikes (and enough things have transpired in my life to make a good post) I will do an awkward/awesome post.

So, without further ado, awkward/awesome {volume two}:

Awesome: Its a nice night, so we opened our windows to cool off the house.
Awkward: Our neighbors are smoking pot and the smell is coming into our house.

Awesome: My OB is really cool.
Awkward: For the second time she has referred to me as Mexican**. I corrected her the first time, but this time I just let it go.

Awkward: Coming across the lowest toilet known to man in a public restroom. It was well below my knees.
Awkward x2: Because it was so low, I couldn't "squat" over it and had to sit on it.
Awesome: The toilet seat wasn't wet or anything, so sitting on it wasn't a problem. 

Awkward: See the toilet paper under my foot in the picture (I was trying to show perspective as to how low the toilet was using my leg)? It stuck to my shoe and took me a while to realize this.

Awesome: We went for shaved ice to cool off from all the heat.
Awesome?: Connor enjoyed himself so much, we had to take his sticky clothes off of him.
Awkward: While walking to the car, we ran into someone I hadn't seen since high school. I found myself trying to explain that I am not that mom...I don't normally let my kid just run around in public (at a food place, non-the-less) in just a diaper.

Awesome: We got a dresser for the baby's room from Ikea.
Awesome: The husband put it together. And being the great wife that I am, I sat in there to watch/talk.
Awkward: Said husband kicked me out of the room because he said I was a distraction.

Awkward: Stealing someone's blog series idea and hoping they don't mind. Uh, thanks in advance Rachael for letting me steal your awesome idea!

** I am just an olive-skinned white girl, in case you are wondering.


  1. woah the "Mexican" comment is pretty ballsy! I'd never make that assumption, I'd want to know for sure!

    And you're totally "that mom". ;)

  2. I LOVE it! This mad me giggle.
    And thanks for the cred but I don't fully deserve it... I kinda mixed two ideas myself: Sydney from TheDaybook lists off awkward things and awesome things on Thursdays but I started pairing them (this was awkward but then, THIS related thing was awesome and vice versa). And I got the pairing idea from this book I had when I was little... I think it was called 'Fortunately, Unfortunately'.
    Anyways, I'm so glad you're doing this too and I can't wait to read more!

  3. Tooo funny.

    Annnnd, how long did the toilet paper stick to your shoe?

  4. so how awkward would it be if I stole this idea too???

    Hilarious. That toilet is too funny! And I laughed out loud about being "that mom" with the diaper baby.


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