That Mom

Recently, I mentioned something about not being that mom in a post and a few of you commented on it. It got me thinking...

All of us have things we are and aren't willing to do. I have friends that would never consider leaving the house without a full face of make up, their hair looking perfect and wearing the perfect outfit. On the flip side, I have friends that put on work out clothes to work out in the morning and never change out of them the whole day. Me? I am somewhere in the middle. My typical get up is jeans and a t-shirt with flip flops. I consider myself "put together" when I decide to wear mascara. Now, I have gone through phases where I was different. There was a time I wore heels every day and wore a full face of make up (Ian wasn't too fond of this stage...he is more into "low maintenance Jessica"). And there were times (in college) where I didn't shower everyday and had no problem leaving the house in sweats. And, as I said previously, I now rest somewhere in the middle. I need a shower every morning to jump start my day. But you will rarely find me in heels. Dainty clothes don't have a place anymore as they will just get ruined around Connor. And I'll be honest, I am happy where I am at (of course I was happy with myself in those other stages as well).

And all of that brings me to my point. That mom. That mom is the mom that does stuff (or really, does less stuff) that we as parents are not comfortable with. I dress Connor every day. Even when he was a tiny baby, he didn't leave the house in his pajamas. I don't, so why would I make him? I usually have him dressed and ready for the day before I am even ready. If I have to change a dirty diaper, I may as well change his clothes, right? I even always keep a spare shirt with me so I can change his shirt if he gets real dirty. I don't care if Connor goes and plays in the mud and gets himself all dirty, he just has to be cleaned up afterward. It's just who I am. I am that mom. I would never even think of taking Connor somewhere in just a diaper or even a diaper and a shirt. I am the mom that always wants her kid to look presentable, bribes him with tic-tacs so he won't scream in public (I am not fond of the parents that ignore their screaming children in public...sorry if any of you fall in that category), always has toys and snacks on hand, and will NEVER let my child stick stickers all over the car windows. I really don't get why parents let kids do that to their cars.

So there you have it. Now you know just exactly what type of mom I am AND what type of person I am. Don't you feel enlightened?


  1. So true about the phases. There were days I wouldn't dream of wearing/eating or saying whatever thing I just put on, ate or said and I realize how much I changed. I always wonder when I'll reach my plateau. And then I wonder if I WANT to reach a plateau.

  2. Rachael, I think it is better to be constantly evolving. Life would be so boring if we stayed the same...though I know some people who do!


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