So every Thursday at Rachael's blog, she does a segment called Awkward/Awesome. If you haven't ever checked it out, you need to. It practically makes my Thursday's. Yesterday I had something so awkward/awesome happen that I had to share.

We were walking around with Ian's sister in Santa Monica and stopped at a place for dinner. Ian put our name in and I ran in to use the restroom. While leaving, I noticed open seating at the bar. When I came out, I asked Ian how long the wait was (35 min) and told him to ask if kids could sit in the bar. Before I know it, we are sitting at a table in the bar. Awesome.

A couple minutes in to our sitting, a hostess comes and tells us we couldn't sit there because it was being used for a large party, but she would move us to another table. It turns out the bar area wasn't actually a bar area, even though it was in the bar and separate from the restaurant and they didn't explain this to Ian when he asked if kids could sit in the bar area. So, we had swooped in and stolen people's seats. Awkward.

The hostess moved us to another table anyway and told us she didn't care we cut the line and that she moved us because Connor was so cute. Almost on cue, Connor looked at her and smiled. She melted. Then we got him to blow kisses at her...and she blew them back. So, in an awkward and awesome time, we managed to cut the line at the restaurant and get seated right away. All due to Connor's cuteness. Awesome.

And here's a little video of Connor eating a tic-tac off the restaurant table using only his mouth. The kid is classy talented, what can I say?

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out!
    That's a PERFECT example of an awkward/awesome series. I love when they end on 'awesomes' like that. Connor's giggles are the cuuuutest!


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