Girly Girl

I remember when I had Isla, being afraid that I wouldn't be enough for her. You see, I am not a girly girl. I don't know how to really apply make up...a little mascara and tint on my lips is about all I can swing. And before I cut all my hair off, I wasn't high maintenance in that area either. I was (and still am a bit) afraid that when Isla gets older and turns to me for advice, I won't be able to help.

I like to think of Isla as a girly girl with flair. She loves her some skirts, but also loves pokemon and star wars. She loves makeup and hair product, but loves to play in the dirt like no other. Perhaps, well balanced would be a better way to put it.

A week ago, we went away for a couple nights with Ian's family. Ian's parents took all the grandkids into a toy store and let them pick out a toy or two. What did Isla end up with? A nail kit. The other day, she put on some nails, then went into my bathroom and "did" her hair. AKA: put a bunch of my hair product in her hair, threw in a few hair clips and called it a day! She also found some makeup and put it on. Then, she went and admired herself in the mirror. No matter how insecure I feel about not being able to help her with these things as she gets older, I couldn't help but love watching her looking so proudly at herself in the mirror.

Of course, all the pampering at five years old also has me a bit worried for the teen years!!!

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