The 4th

We were all over the place this year on the 4th. Connor is doing French camp this week, so I took him to that while Ian took the younger two to our city's parade. By the time I got to the parade, neither Isla or Callum had much interest in it. I ended up hanging out for about 45 minutes before taking Isla with me in and leaving, as I didn't want to get stuck in the crowd when I needed to get Connor. 

After the parade and French camp, we spent a few hours at home, just getting some things done. The kids played while we did some work in our bathroom. Then we headed over to have dinner with my parents, my aunt and uncle and my brother. We finished up with fireworks at our house. Which, I loved because then the tired children can be put straight in their beds instead of screaming on the car ride home! 

^^ All ready for the parade. And Callum is teething big time, hence the wet shirt in every picture! #droolfordays

^^ Connor and my brother played giant jenga. Connor did surprisingly well with his very bold moves. The biggest challenge was keeping Callum from purposefully knocking the whole thing down and keeping Isla from accidentally knocking it down while dancing around the room.

^^ Callum trying to blow out the sparkler! It was cute. But he was crazy with the sparklers. He wanted to shake them all over the place, so had to be controlled while having them.

^^ The kids loved the flashers (the little fireworks that just flash, killing your eyesight!) and the adults hated them. But seeing the kids dance around in front of them was pretty fun.

The day felt busy, but ended relaxing. And I was the one that set off all the fireworks, so I guess I'm a bit of a pyro.

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