The Slowness of Bath Time

I remember when Connor and Isla were little, bath time was literally my favorite time of the day. They could literally play happily in there forever and it gave me a moment of calm. Something about getting three kids bathed and ready for bed feels less calm and more assembly line like.

The other day, due to consuming far too many blueberries the day prior, Callum NEEDED a bath in the morning. And let me tell you, when you don't have any place to be, a morning bath is where it's at! The older kids were still asleep. I just sat on the floor of the bathroom and watched this little guy splash and play to his heart's content. It really was a sweet part of my day. And given that I don't enjoy these times the same as much anymore, due to all the distractions, it was a welcome relief to our normal bath times these days.

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