Boston - Days 4 & 5

Day 4

We took a ferry out to one of the Boston Harbor Islands. We chose the one with the shortest boat ride and the best views of the city. Callum was a bit of a handful on the boat there, but slept pretty much the whole time we were on the island, so enjoyed the boat ride back. We walked around the island before letting the kids play in the water. The island was really beautiful and a fun place to explore. The view of watching the planes take off from the airport was reason enough for me to go to the island! I was thoroughly entertained by that. 

After we got back to Boston, we walked to get a lobster roll. It was one of the things I really wanted to eat while we were there. It was quite tasty, but boy are those things pricy! 

Then we went and let the kids play in one of the splash pads on the greenway. This particular one was pretty intense, so Callum stuck to the sides. 

Day 5

We to the T out to Cambridge to see Harvard. The campus was beautiful. And it was so incredibly busy with tourists. I told Connor that my friend Mark went to Harvard and Ian gave me a look, like "really...", as I was meaning Mark that started facebook. The kids played pokemon go at Harvard and had fun doing that. And Ian and I enjoyed walking around looking at the beautiful buildings. 

Right across the street from Harvard is the only Curious George toy store in the world, so we stopped in there for the kids. Connor got his first ever mad libs and we had fun playing with it that night. Then we went to the most adorable, and tasty, bakery before heading back into Boston. 

We went to the swan boats in the public garden. We got there just in time because it started raining and we were the last group that got to ride before they shut down. Just across the street is a big shopping district, so we went walking around. We had some drinking chocolate, that literally tastes like you are drinking a candy bar, it's so sweet. 

Then we picked up some groceries on our way back to our apartment and ate dinner there. Speaking of that, there are two things I love when traveling with our kids. One is staying in a two bedroom place. It makes it so much easier for getting kids to sleep and us getting to hang out in the evenings. And two is staying in a place with a kitchen and being able to eat breakfast there every morning and making dinner if we want. It makes traveling with kids so much easier! 

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