A Natural Deodorant Review

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer my senior year of high school. She had it pre-menopause, which is NOT good. One of the things they told her back then (back before extensive testing was done to determine what type of cancer you had) was to ditch any deodorant with aluminum in it. Both of us have been using a store bought deodorant without aluminum, but it still wasn't as "healthy" as I was hoping for. Given that the ingredients we put on our skin absorb into our bodies, I really wanted something better. So, over the past several months, I researched natural deodorants and tried three. I plan on trying more, in my quest for the perfect one, but these are my reviews of the first three. 

This was an easy one for me to order, as I already use their oils, so decided to try it. It literally did not work at all for me. I stunk like an onion in the winter within a couple hours. After trying it for a few days, I gave up. I even tried revisiting it later, after I "detoxed" by using another natural deodorant for a month or so. And, it still did NOT work at all for me. I honestly think it is because it doesn't contain any arrowroot powder or baking soda in it. Because of this, I wanted my next deodorant I tried to have both. 

I picked up this deodorant at a market I went to in San Francisco. They had a few vendors selling deodorants and this is what I went with. I chose it specifically because it had both arrowroot powder and baking soda in it, as I mentioned above, I was specifically looking for a deodorant with both. I know baking soda is an irritant for some, but it isn't for me. I found this deodorant worked well. I have to reapply it in the middle of the day during hot days. My one complaint is it makes little balls in my armpits that I have to wipe away if I am wearing a tank top. I am actually interested in trying out her charcoal deodorant as well as another scent. Her scents are also very mild, if you aren't a big fan of scents. 

I've tried several of Crunchy Mama Bear's products, so it only felt natural for me to try out her deodorant too. She uses kaolin clay in her deodorant instead of baking soda. When it's hot out, it gets pretty mushy, so you have to be careful how much your smear on. Her's is heavily scented, especially compared to the other two. It appears clear on my armpits when looking at it, yet somehow coats the armpits of the clothes I am wearing and looks quite unsightly on my tank tops. Just like with Korina, I have to reapply it once during hot days. I plan on trying another one of her scents. 

Both sticks of deodorant laster close to two months for me, making the price of $12 and $10 worth it for me to not be putting toxins on my body. I would be interested in making my own deodorant at some point in the future, but I am nervous about melting down the ingredients and getting it into the container without making a mess. In the mean time, I plan on ordering Korina's activated charcol deodorant as well as one from Native

Has anyone else out there tried any natural deodorants they liked? I totally remember using crystal in high school when it was popular, but that's about it until now. 

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