Boston - Days 6 & 7

Day 6

On our way to the Boston Tea Party Museum, we passed the carousel in the park open, so we went for a ride. It is probably the cutest/nicest/sweetest carousel I've ever been on. Plus, Callum and I rode in a boat that moved like it was on waves! Super fun.  

Then we went to the Boston Tea Party Museum. I am a bit of a history nerd, so I totally loved this. And the kids enjoyed throwing the "tea" over into the water. Really, it was just Callum that didn't enjoy it so much because he couldn't just run around most the time. Also, funny story, there was a vlogger on the tour with us. It's kind of funny watching people film themselves for other people to watch.

^^ You threw the tea boxes over, then pulled them back out of the water to do all over again. My kids did it over and over. Everyone left the ship and there my kids were, still doing it. I finally made them leave when the tour behind us was coming. 

We had so much fun at the children's museum on Monday and Friday evenings only cost $1, so we went back for a couple hours. 

Day 7

We took the subway out to Fenway Park. We walked around it, watched some people try to get the players attention as they pulled their cars through the gated area. Then we walked a bit more to get Callum asleep and enjoyed lunch at a brewery across the street from the park.

Then we took the subway back to the area we were staying because our bags were stored over there. But, we still had time to kill, so we took the kids back to the playground we went to the other day. We had the place to ourselves and the kids played for a while before asking if they could "go to the gym"...there was a pokemon go gym at the Paul Revere statue right next to the playground.

I was getting a laugh about how my kids will be in the back of everyone's photos, playing pokemon go. 

From here, we grabbed our bags and ubered it to the airport...for our not so pleasant trip home. Evening/night flights and toddlers DON'T mix. And Callum's tired screams scarred me from wanting to be on a plane with a toddler for a very long time. But outside of the plane ride, the trip was fun. I always enjoy exploring new places and trying a bunch of good food. Boston did not disappoint. 

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