To Sum It Up

You know when you just need a weekend where you get stuff done? That's what we need AND what we are doing this weekend. After going, going, going for weeks, it's time to hunker down and check some things off our to do list.

Some things this week:

This is a good reminder that everything we see on social media isn't "real". I was particularly laughing about the picnic scenario.

I hardly ever buy myself new clothes (I am a thrift store girl myself), but couldn't pass up this dress. I mean, stripes AND pockets! Now to wait for it to arrive.

I don't really feel that the 90's was that long ago and that much has changed, but I still found this funny.

I want this pillow for our couch. Maybe as a subliminal message for the whole family.

Another reminder that as parents we need to be diligent about what our kids are doing on phones/electronics. And as a side note, I'm proud of this guy for sharing his story even though he knew people would attack him for "being a bad parent".

After a very stressful hour of my life (first world problems, I know), I managed to score us tickets to the museum of ice cream in San Francisco and am over the moon excited about to wait until our date in October!

Enjoy your weekend!

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