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As much as I loathe school starting back up because I once again have to set an alarm in the morning, it also brings much needed routine into our lives. Of course, it also keeps us from having as much fun, but I would rather my kids learn to read and write and stuff than have fun all the time ;) Anyway, one thing I have learned along the way is that a solid morning routine is worth its weight in gold. The kids know what to expect and everything gets done.

My biggest, biggest, biggest tip is that I get up and completely ready before the kids get up. For me personally, being ready starts my day off on the right foot. And not trying to juggle getting the kids ready at the same time as myself is also huge. Sure, sometimes a kid will wake up while I am still getting ready, but they can entertain themselves until I am done...or, if it's Callum, I've been known to just let him play in the shower while I am taking one, to entertain him. Once I'm ready, this is how the morning goes.

7am - Wake Connor. He gets himself dressed and comes down for breakfast. I make him breakfast as well as make the kids lunches, put them in their backpacks and set their backpacks and shoes on the bench by our front door.

7:20am - Wake Isla. I get her dressed purely so she won't wear something crazy to school. Not to mention the fact that most of what she would pick out wouldn't work for the dress code (insert eye rolls here).

7:45am - If Callum isn't already awake, I go wake him. On days he is already awake, he sits at the table with whoever is there and eats breakfast. But, after Isla is fully ready, I go get Callum dressed for the day.

8am - Five minutes before we are supposed to leave the house, I tell the kids to put their shoes on and grab their backpacks. This always takes longer than the 30 seconds that it should, especially since their shoes are sitting out for them! Either way, that's why I allow for 5 minutes. It keeps things more peaceful.

8:05am - We head out the door for school. Now that both kids are at the same school, we walk every day.

In general, our mornings go quite smooth. Somehow, even with all that, I usually manage to get a load of dishes started in the dishwasher, make some coffee and feed myself breakfast.

Honestly, I think the biggest things for us having a smooth morning are me already being ready, thus not rushing around at the same time as them, as well as keeping any decisions the kids make to a minimum. I almost always don't give them a choice for breakfast, just make something. And anything that I think will be a decision for them, we discuss the night before to get it out of the way.

On a side note, I remember thinking a few years ago a fellow mama was crazy for setting her alarm early to be up and ready before her kids. I valued sleep over everything and couldn't understand. Apparently I have changed and now value my personal hygiene a bit more!

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