Toddlers, man

The other day I was talking to a friend that has a kid just a couple days younger than Callum. We were discussing how full on toddlers are. How toddlers made babies seem like such a breeze. And it's so true. I know Callum started walking later than most, but it seemed like when he started walking, his little cheeky attitude came out too. Not to mention that the kid loves to climb. There is no table he won't scale. Like this scene above? He took advantage of me being distracted and climbed up on the table to finish Isla's snack. If anything, I mean anything, is on the dining room table, he will climb up there. And sometimes he will go up even if nothing is up there...just to crawl over to the other side. He gets on the table in the playroom and throws down anything within reach. Anything the kids left on the table, anything on the book ledge near by. Nothing is safe. The hysterical part is, when he gets caught and isn't done with his destruction, he puts his hands behind his back so you can't pick him up. It's quite ingenious and funny at the same time. 

Then there is his favorite form of communication, yelling. Or is it screeching?! Though I should admit, he is getting much better at actually answering yes or no to questions. And, will actually take your hand and drag you to whatever he wants. Usually this is popsicles. Popsicles day and night. And when I say no to a popsicle at 7am, he is none to pleased. His obsession with popsicles and the freezer made me remember that we had to put a lock on our last freezer when we had toddlers around. This one is much harder to open, so I am kind of hoping that by the time he gets the strength to open it, he will also have the self control to not help himself to whatever he wants 24 hours a day. 

Even with how busy he keeps me. Even when I wonder what he is trashing when I am over cleaning up his last mess. I become mush when he grabs my hand or lays his head on my shoulder. When he starts doing his adorable little toddler dancing. Or even when he just smiles at me. Maybe toddlers aren't so bad after long as I'm not on a plane with one! 

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  1. I love getting to watch you be a mother. You are such a good one. The way you enjoy your children in play and in them just being kids inspires me. I'm too task oriented a lot of the time and knowing you encourages me to slow down and enjoy where we are at in life. Thanks for doing life with me and letting me learn from you.

    And gosh that boy is so stinking cute!!


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