A Little Mom & Isla Pampering

I've never been exactly what you would call a girly girl. Or more, many of the things that seem to just come natural for so many girls never came natural for me. I was never super into clothes, makeup scared me and I perfected the top knot in junior high and rocked it even when it wasn't in style. As I've gotten older, I have become more girly, but still feared having a daughter. I feared not being girly enough for her and not being able to help her with the things she needed and wanted help with. It turns out that so far (yeah, I know she's only six!) it hasn't been too bad. She doesn't care for perfection and more just enjoys trying all the girly things. 

Over the weekend, I bought some skin items and they came with a free sample of a face mask, so I asked Isla if she wanted to do it with me. She was more than down. In fact, she wanted to even apply it herself. It was fun not just spending time with her, but also getting to use mine and Ian's almost done bathroom...gosh that has been a long process! Besides the fact that I thought it would only take a couple weeks to complete, I thought for sure it would be done last week. Well, here's to hoping it actually is done this week!!! I digress. 

I've realized more and more just showing up and trying is all our kids want. Isla doesn't care if I don't do something perfect. But she enjoys being pampered and pampering me back. She enjoys playing beauty spa, thanks to the Fancy Nancy books. But even with all her girly tendencies, she still does not enjoy her hair being done. She only likes wearing it down and even managing to brush it daily is a challenge. So, I still am extremely rusty in the girly hair styles. 

But we are making memories, learning this girly stuff together. 

On a side note, I actually bit the bullet a few months ago and bought a makeup system (or is a kit? or...?) that I actually have been sticking to...when I wear makeup, that is. But I like actually knowing what I am doing for a change and not feeling quite so intimidated by it all.

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