I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever been on facebook has seen one of those posts that starts with "you know you grew up in the 60/70/80/90's if..." Then it is always filled with childhood nostalgia. The comments are then always filled with people talking down on "parents today" and the way we are raising our young. 

Without fail, one of the things on the list will talk of the lack of it was a good thing. And someone will always comment that they survived. This one always makes my eyes roll straight out of my head because, well, seatbelts save lives. And just because you survived doesn't mean that there weren't plenty of others that didn't. I still remember being in maybe third grade and a good friend was in a bad car accident. Only two people were wearing seatbelts in their van on the way to school. Two died. My friend was severely injured. Like I said, seatbelts save lives folks. 

Another thing that always makes the list is drinking out of a hose. First, I never realized this was a rite of passage in childhood. I don't necessarily remember doing it. But given that a good amount of my childhood was spent in my backyard, I am sure I did. But honestly, who are the people these days not letting their kids drink from hoses?! There will always be people on the fringe that disagree with things, yet I still don't think many find this controversial. My kids drink pool water, for goodness sake. And the youngest will drop to the ground and lick dropped food and drink off of it. Obviously a hose is the least of my worries. Like literally the least. 

So there you have it. Seatbelts are a necessity. They save lives and aren't something to joke about. But drinking out of garden hoses, have at it. Just remember, I don't think many really care about that one. So yeah. 

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