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I got some new glasses a week ago. Riveting, I know. I never really liked my old pair, so I was happy to upgrade to a new pair. I also asked about lasik. Unfortunately, these messed up eyes of mine would be quite expensive to get lasik on. I have some pretty messed up eyes. You know those "free" glasses you see advertised everywhere online? I've tried to do those before and they come out to a couple hundred dollars because of my complicated prescription. Apparently it's the same with lasik. Complicated prescription means a much more complicated lasik procedure and a lot more money. Like each eye costing several thousand dollars. So I shelved that idea. Instead, I decided to upgrade to the most thin lenses I could get. I mean, one may as well treat themselves when they get bad news, right? Haha! Honestly, I don't think I really can see much of a difference in the lens size between these ones and my last pair. I always have to pay extra for thin lenses anyway because otherwise the bottle caps wouldn't fit in frames...even thinner ones still stick out, but it is what it is. 

I also got more contacts. Even though they make my eyes super dry by the end of the day, they really are great for wearing in the rain and while swimming. And when I want to wear makeup because without them in I can't see my face to put on makeup. I told you my eyes are bad! I thought my eyes didn't agree with my contact when the dry eyes came on. Turns out it happens the older you get. Like really?! I'm not even halfway through my lifespan yet. I shouldn't have aging eyes this quickly! Of course, talking to other people, it is par for the course. 

Now you know way more than you ever wanted to know about my eyes, all because I wanted to show off my new glasses. Oh, and I totally skipped the funny story about picking out glasses. I went in and asked about clear glasses. They had a whopping total of three pairs. One was super thin and seemed like they would break instantly...and let's be honest, I've lost count how many times my glasses have been thrown off my face by my kids. The others just weren't the right style. I actually was considering one of them, but when I sent Ian pictures of me in various pairs, he said my smile was biggest in the pair I went with. So there you have it, the super scientific way I pick out frames. But also, these glasses are about as opposite as you can get from clear. Oh well.

Also, anyone with a bad prescription knows how much it sucks picking out glasses when you can't even see yourself in a mirror. Well, this time I spoke up and they went and got me a pair of contacts to wear so I could actually see. I wish I had spoke up much sooner because picking out glasses has always sucked for this very reason. And now the problem is solved...boom!

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