Easter 2018

And just like that, another Easter has come and gone. I am sort of sad we had to go back to school, rather than get the week off...or at least a day off to recover from the sugar high! Alas, spring break was last week, so back to the grind we are.

We actually did pretty much all our Easter festivities on Saturday this year, which was nice because it made Sunday a nice, chill family day. Saturday started out with an epic Easter egg hunt and my friend's mom's house (though I would count her mom as one of my friends too!). There had to be 40 kids there, plus all the parents. They only live a few blocks from us, so I walked with the kids and Callum fell asleep on the way there and slept through the whole egg hunt.

Isla was the first kid out the door when the big kids got to go hunt. Connor found one of the two prized golden eggs, which was drama all of its own because Isla tried taking it from him and when I put a stop to that, went into a full on meltdown. Thankfully she eventually recovered, but it was like, "gosh child!" Callum woke at the end of the festivities, when another toddler when into full on meltdown and the mom walked him into the room Callum was sleeping in. But, then Callum got to play with some playdough before we hit the road.

^^ Trina reading the Easter story to the kids

^^ My friend Mallory trying to keep the big kids inside, so the littles could have a go at the egg hunt.

^^ Of course my child was first out the door! 

^^ Filling up on some fennel during the egg hunt.

Then we went home and ate lunch and relaxed for a bit before round two. We met my brother and dad at church for an early Saturday service. Then we headed over to Ian's parents house for another egg hunt and dinner.

It really was nice getting everything in on Saturday because Sunday became a nice family day. My dad, brother and I went to breakfast. Then we hung out for a bit before my dad had to head back to LA. We did yard work, while the kids played in the yard...and attempted to swim before they realized we weren't lying when we said it would be freezing. Followed up by dinner and me going grocery shopping at a literally empty grocery store...that was super nice! Then bedtime and back to the grind.

It was a good weekend. No, a great weekend.

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