Isla's Kindergarten Graduation

I've basically been dreading the end of kindergarten from the beginning of the year. Kindergarten is such a special time. There is just an innocence and a bond between the kids that seems to leave as they get older. Not to mention, Isla was in a great group of kids. We had twice weekly playdates all year long - Tuesdays at the park after school and Thursdays at an indoor play place after school. It really made the group feel so much more tight knit than it normally would. 

For the graduation itself, the kindergartners walked out to pomp and circumstance, which is just too cute to see little kids walking out to that wearing their little graduation caps. Then they performed five songs before the actual graduation. During graduation the principal said Isla's name wrong and Isla made sure to turn around and tell her so...hahaha! She butchered a few other kids names before apologizing for getting so many names wrong. Aww kids, they will just tell it like it when you say their name wrong in the middle of graduation. 

After the ceremony there was a little reception for the family and time for signing yearbooks. Unlike Connor who is 0/3 for ever getting signatures in his yearbook, Isla made it her job to run around and collect as many of her classmates signatures as possible. She also made sure to hit up her teacher and the PM kinder teacher as well. 

^^ Isla and her amazing and sweet teacher. 

^^ Isla was so excited to get balloons..though the balloons caused quite the drama because apparently you can't have balloons at the graduation because of them being a choking hazard. Who knew? But they let me put them in the office, then grab them after the ceremony...when apparently the choking hazard was no longer there.  

Just in case you want to spend three minutes of your life watching Isla sing and get her diploma, here you go...

And just because I am a sucker for looking back, here's Connor's kindergarten graduation. He looks so little! Is Isla going to grow and mature that much in two years too?! No need to answer that, I already know.

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