Last Day of School

Nothing like photographic evidence to remind you how much your kids have grown over the school year! There were teeth lost, inches grown, knowledge gained. There was social and academic growth. New friends were made. Phone numbers exchanged between parents with the promise of getting together during break. And just like that, another school year has come and gone.

This kid right here is smart. So smart. And inquisitive. I hope he always keeps asking questions and having a thirst for knowledge. And I hope whatever he choose to do, he puts that amazing brain of his to good use. I also hope that no matter how embarrassing the talks from his teachers are for me, that he never looses his wittiness and knack for sarcasm. 

And this one, an artist suits her perfectly. She has complained all year long that she misses preschool because they don't do enough crafts in kindergarten. She loves drawing and creating things. She has been talking about illustrating books and I think that sounds like not only a fun job, but the perfect job for her. I hope Isla's enjoyment of the arts isn't sucked out of her the older she gets and the more pressure academically she receives. I hope she always finds time to be creative and always stays her spunky self. 

^^ This is her new signature pose. She will even walk like this.

Now excuse me while I go enjoy the fact that it is SUMMER BREAK and all that more alarm setting, no more homework, no more following schedules. Fun in the sun (and indoors when it's really, really hot!) here we come!

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