Isla's Dance Recital

Isla had her dance recital this past weekend. This was the first year that she did both a ballet and a tap routine in it. It was also the first year she was required to stay for the whole performance...which is over three hours long! Add on to that her having to be there early and the time it takes to dismiss all the dancers, Isla and I clocked in being at the performance for about four hours both Friday and Saturday evenings. But Isla did great. She had fun sitting with all her friends from class and watching/copying the other dancers on stage. And she did great in both her ballet and tap performances. Though, I will say, the ballet dance seemed hard for the class in general. The cute part is at the end, they are supposed to spin (or whatever the technical name for that is), then jump out with their hands up on the last beat. Isla and one other girl were the only two to nail it both nights. Everyone else stopped spinning and got into the end position before the last beat. But not Isla. She nailed that ending both nights. The tap performance was super cute and all the girls did a great job with this dance. 

^^ Excitedly exiting the stage after her dance performance. This excitement was for her grandparents, not me...whomp, whomp, whomp.

^^ At the end of the entire performance, each class came back on to stage to bow and it was just the cutest thing ever. Like literally the cutest. The kids are all excited and stoked to do it. There was a great energy and they loved taking that big bow. 

Isla has decided to continue with dance and will be doing ballet and tap again in the fall...well August, which technically is the middle of summer. But you catch my drift. And several of her little dance buddies have signed up for the same class time as her, so that's fun.

Just in case you are a sucker like me and want to take a look back at Isla's ballet "career", here she is at the beginning of the year, at her 2017 ballet recital, at her 2016 ballet recital, and the cutest thing ever, at her first ballet trial class in 2015.

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