My Little Ballerina

On Thursday evening, while I was headed out of town with Ian, my friend texted me about a ballet class she thought Isla and her girls would enjoy. And just like that, we were signed up, shopping for ballet shoes and Isla went to her first ballet lesson on Monday. It was seriously like an amazing dream come true for her. I couldn't believe how incredibly excited she was. 

Last summer I started looking into ballet classes for Isla. I knew she would like it because she is obsessed with a ballet book she has and talks about going to ballet class. What I wasn't prepared for was the price of these classes and how strict they were…if you miss a class, you MUST go to a make up class, etc. I really was just looking for a hippie style class that she could have fun at. Not something all strict that sucks her love of ballet away from her. 

This is just a little six week intro to ballet course, so there is no recital at the end. There is no pressure. And it is way cheaper than normal ballet. Depending how much she likes it by the end, I may sign her up for normal ballet classes in the fall. 

Isla certainly enjoyed her first class. She constantly asked her teacher to retie her shoes, she would sit on the floor for half her moves (?!) and she really, really enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror. She was so happy and had so much fun. Here are some pictures I took from her first class. I had to take these pictures through mini blinds, which was quite the challenge. 

^^ That's Isla, in the middle, jumping up in the air…when no one around her is. She cracks me up. 

I never thought I could get so much enjoyment out of watching my kids do things they are excited about. And Isla was so excited that she fell asleep that night holding the box for her ballet shoes. 

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  1. I LOOOOOVE IT. The jumping picture is perfect and exactly how I picture your sweet little lady!

  2. Everything about this post brightened up my Friday afternoon! The jump, her innocent joyful face and her top knot bun! So much precious is one post! Yay for girls!


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