A Party for Dads

The kids preschool does a superbowl party for dads. Moms get the mother's day tea, but father's day doesn't happen during school, so a superbowl party it is. And to properly tell the story, I really need to start off with me dropping off the kids at school. Parents sign up for things to bring to the party. Both kids were carrying in their items when I dropped them off. We started in Connor's class and his teachers said Isla could leave her juice in there too, since it was a combined party for all the classes. She didn't really want to leave it, but she did. Well, about halfway to her class, she started crying about the juice, but she calmed down. When we got to her class, she refused to go in and was going crazy over the juice. Her teachers were trying to tell her it was ok, but she wasn't having it. Finally, I walked her back down to Connor's class and got the juice. As soon as we walked out of his class, she said, "I got the juice for my teachers." She was so proud of herself. And once she had the juice, she happily walked into her class and gave it to her teachers.

Obviously I wasn't at the party, but being the great woman that I am, I grilled Ian for all the details. The party went well. The kids had fun. They were sat with another dad that has kids in both Connor and Isla's classes. All went well until it was time to leave. Isla tells me she didn't want to leave. Ian said it was awkward because they were the last ones there and Isla was taking forever in a day to eat her cupcake...this has happened at school parties before. Anyway, Isla ran away in the parking lot because she didn't want to leave. She got in trouble. She was crying on the way home and went hysterical when she realized Ian forgot her cat sweater (pictured above) at school. Meanwhile, I was at home, eagerly waiting my family to get home so I could take adorable pictures of them. 

That didn't happen so much. This was the only one I got. Isla was running away crying because she wanted to be back at school. It was a hard environment for pictures. Oh well. At least the party went well.

^^ Isla's flag. Painted by her on front and a picture of her on back. 

^^ The back of Connor's flag. 

And here's a little video of all the kids singing the dad song at the party. Isla is on the front right, wearing a green and white shirt. Connor's head is peaking out of the top row, middle left, wearing a grey shirt. 

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  1. That's such a neat idea to have a Dad's party. We have the Mother's Day tea, but nothing for the dads.

    And those are some cute pictures on the back of their pennants. Great idea.


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