A Preschool Mother's Day Celebration

Today was one of those days that I could only image as a great thing before I became a mom. Now, I didn't ever think of a preschool mother's day party per say, but being in a room with other moms, sitting on tiny chairs, wearing hats made with love, with our kids singing us songs, it really was the best.

We were brought into a room filled with pint sized tables and chairs. I was pointed to a place where a hat made by Connor was sitting, along with a present and a little card/survey about me. These little surveys are always where things get real...and funny.  Apparently I tell Connor to go to time out a lot and laugh at others. Awesome. That really paints me in a good light. 

Then, the teachers moved a wall and the kids were standing there ready to sing for us. And for the first time since starting school, Connor actually sung and did the hand motions along with the other kids!!! I was super excited about this. Up until this point, he has always either stood there quietly or tried distracting the other kids while they were singing. And what a perfect time to sing, but at the mother's day party for me!

The kids were then dismissed and came and sat with us moms where we enjoyed a light lunch. It really was a lot of fun. And as corny as it sounds, it really meant a lot to me that Connor's teachers would do this for us moms. 

We also got a little present (that I forgot to take a picture of) that was two tiles...one with a picture of Connor and I on it and another with a coloring he did for me. I ate it up. Like I said, this is the type of thing I dreamed of about becoming a mom. 

Given that mother's day itself will be filled with celebrating not only me, but also my mom and Ian's mom, I feel super privileged to have gotten my own beautiful mother's day celebration just for me.

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  1. Hahahahaha that survey cracks me up!

  2. Those hats are amazing! I think someone needs to tell Landon's preschool director about this - I would love it too!

  3. What a special day!! I love his answers.


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