Mother's Day

 ^^ Isla is sporting a dress that was mine as a kid

My mother's day was pretty much the perfect day for me. I woke up to Ian making the kids breakfast (I got to sleep in...woot, woot!) and with a table covered in things for me. A bouquet of flowers, a homemade card and a present from each of the kids. From Connor, a toy that shoots helicopters into the air and from Isla a bucket and basically things they both wanted! After we got ready, we headed out for doughnuts and pictures. I started a tradition of taking pictures of Ian with the kids on fathers day and decided I wanted the same thing for mothers day.

We then went to church. And after church, what better than a lunch of Taco Bell eaten in the backyard?! That was pretty much perfect for me. Then, Ian wanted to wash his car, so I called up Ian's mom and the two of us went to the movies. That is the first movie I have seen in the theater in 3 years!!! Crazy, right?! After the movies, we did some stuff around the house, then headed out to Ian's parents for dinner.  It was the perfect chill day and I really enjoyed it.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! What movie did you go see?

  2. I am loving your hair, Jessica!! Beautiful pictures!! <3


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