A Weekend of Camping Fun

This past weekend we went camping. It was our first foray into what I will refer to as resort camping. Up until this point, we have always stayed at state campgrounds. State campgrounds are beautiful, they are lush and they are great. But resort campgrounds, they have play structures for kids, activities for kids and really just tons of things for kids. And our campsite was right against the playground!

^^ A train ride at the campground. It was totally corny, but the kids LOVED it.

There was another first for us on this trip as well, we ditched the tent and took the in-laws motorhome. Ian is a tent camper at heart. I have always happily gone along...until last year. It was just a very hard trip. Enter the motorhome. I know it crushed Ian a bit, though I told him he could pitch a tent next to it if he wanted. But it seriously worked out so well for the kids. When they needed some downtime, they had an easy (and clean) place to play. Putting them to bed in the motorhome was about a thousand times easier than in a tent. And bathing them was much easier too. I'm not saying there aren't downsides to motorhome camping, because there are, but it really makes camping with kids so much easier. 

Less than a mile up the road from where we stayed was a nice state beach. We had brought our bikes to bike to the beach, but some friends convinced us that the tiny road to the beach was super busy (and small) and not safe to ride with the kids on. So they gave us a ride instead. All was good until I went to strap Isla into their son's car seat. She was angry. She was pissed. She screamed and cried and kicked and clawed at me the entire ride to the beach. I was convinced it was going to be an awful time at the beach. But, she quickly calmed down after we got her out of the car. We had an amazing day at the beach. We stayed for hours and brought lunch to eat while we were there. The weather was beautiful and the kids just played. It was all fun and games until we went to leave. Again, Isla lost the plot. Except, this time, she was wet and covered in sand. Ian walked back up to the parking lot with a hysterical Isla (he said he thought people were going to think he was trying to kidnap her...she was THAT BAD) and I packed up and lugged Connor and our stuff back up. By the time we made it back to Ian, Isla was thankfully calm. 

It was fun getting out of town for a few days and having nothing on the agenda. We did a lot of sitting, eating, chatting and fire staring. Even if it wasn't a "real" camping trip, like purists like my hubby would like, it was good enough for me. 

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