Minions, Minions & more Minions

Connor's obsession with minions began one day last year when my mom took him and my nephew to McDonalds and minions were the happy meal toy. He had never seen the movie, but fell in love with minions. One day, I caved and bought him Despicable Me. He basically only wanted to watch the parts with minions over and over. For Christmas he got both Despicable Me 2 and a minion shirt. Despicable Me 2 basically became his favorite movie ever because, well, there are lots and lots of minions in it.

As for the minion shirt, I basically put it in his drawer and never offered to let him wear it. Mean mom, I know. It's just that I am not really a character clothing type of person...totally eating crow over here now. For Easter, I cracked and got Connor a minion shirt he had been asking for for weeks. And the obsession seemed to sky rocket. After wearing the same shirt for SIX DAYS STRAIGHT, not only did I dig out the Christmas shirt, I was the mom at target frantically searching for every minion shirt in Connor's size so he would stop wearing the same dang shirt every day. Because, let me tell you, if he can find a minion shirt, he will take off what he has and put it on. I even found him going into the laundry room looking for a minion shirt!!!

Last week, Connor and his friend Blake wore the same exact minion shirt to school. It was total happenstance and totally and completely made Connor's day. He has been talking about it ever since. I still don't know where I stand with character clothing. It just isn't the cutest clothing there is. But, the thing is, it makes my boy so stinking happy that I really can't say no. After all, it is just a shirt and I am all about picking my battles.

BUT, I totally bribed Connor and told him he could wear whatever minion shirt he wanted to school on Monday as long as I got to pick out his clothes for the mother's day tea at his school on Wednesday. He agreed, but I have a feeling come tomorrow, he will conveniently NOT be remembering our deal!

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  1. I went through the same stages of "characters". When I made Taylor's nursery, I didn't even want a theme. I just wanted a pretty girl's nursery. Now she has Dora pjs and bedding set, she sleeps with a Minnie a Minion and a Winnie the Pooh and she just may have an Abby (from Sesame Street) hooded sweatshirt that she loves on cold days.

    But it makes her oh so happy.

  2. He looks so grown up. And that minion backpack, so cool!!

  3. Haha, oh how I so dislike the characters too, but I have also totally bought into them when they make Nixon so happy. Connor is so cute and I still can't get over how much he talks, he is so funny and I love his love of minions. At one point in the car ride he told us the whole plot of despicable me 2! haha


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