Walls Covered in Art

I was pretty dang excited when my dreams of having a child artist finally came true. Said child artist really has taken her role seriously and always makes sure the house (and all its contents) are covered in one of a kind artwork. So thoughtful of her!

You might be thinking, "How does Isla get all the alone time to do this damage?" Just know it takes seconds, mere seconds. One night, while I was making dinner, Isla managed to color on walls, the floor and a piece of furniture before I caught her. And all I have to say is WASHABLE CRAYONS ARE THE BEST INVENTION EVER. Like seriously, ever. They wipe right off the walls. Regular crayons take a lot of elbow grease to get off. I don't understand why anything but washable crayons are made because they are pretty much the best thing ever. 

In case you were wondering if I got mad when, say, I realized our entire bedroom was covered in crayon...like seriously, everything. Our closet, walls, mirror and bedside tables. I wasn't mad at all. In fact, I laughed. It was really all I could do. Well, laugh and praise crayola once again for their washable crayons. 

My house may not be perfect, in fact, far from it. But (as long as no one is coming over) I really do embrace the mess the kids make. I wouldn't trade these kids and their crazy messes for anything. I mean, I finally have a child artist on my hands! 

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  1. Hahahahaha - Taylor tried this once to "make her playroom prettier". We explained to her that we don't do that and she got so upset she still brings it up to this day.

    I kind feel like it's a parent's rite of passage.


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